5 Ways to Deal When Work is Tiring


Daylight Savings has wreaked havoc on my life, Monday was not an easy day so this post for the first time ever will be short and sweet.

I have never met an employee (including myself) who wants to go to work every day. There will always be days that are incredibly unproductive because let’s face it, there are times when people just don’t want to work.

How do you deal with the days that drag on forever?

  1. Work on something easier – I always have a giant pile of paperwork to file. If it’s been a hard day and you just can’t think anymore, work on something easy to handle where mistakes are less easily made
  2. Take a quick stroll – When the numbers start blurring together on payroll (something that has a deadline), walking away can help. After all, paying something for 80 hours vs 60 hours could be a huge difference. On items I have to work on, I’ll grab a coffee from my office or take a quick stroll around the block. The mental break ensures that I keep my concentration on the task at hand.
  3. Follow a guided meditation – great apps like Ringly and Fitbit all have guided meditations for breathing exercises. Or take 10 minutes out and do a guided breathing exercise on YouTube. This will reset your focus and help calm a runaway mind bringing the focus back to finish what you need to do.
  4. Snack – sometimes your body just literally needs energy. Nuts or yogurt raisins are great snacks that can boost brain power when you get the afternoon exhaustion. Using your brain to think deeply uses a lot of energy
  5. Talk to someone – if you’ve been stuck on the same problem or task for a while, poking a neighboring co-worker for a second look can help. The second pair of eyes will help you with fresh ideas or confirm that you’re doing everything correctly.

As always there are days when we won’t want to work or go to work. Whoever said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” was definitely lying. After all, it’s still work!

But, there are definitely things you can do until you are motivated again!

But what do I know? I’m…

~ Just the Exhausted HR Girl

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